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Meditation Cd's

The Meditation CD's are a support to the 120-day intensive Life Essence Course. In the history of humans striving for spiritual growth, there have been two basic approaches.

The first approach is for spiritual practitioners to move from the personality towards the spirit. Techniques used in this direction are discipline, purification, particular exercises, etc.

The second approach is for spiritual practitioners to invite the spirit to move towards the personality. The techniques used in this direction are Surrender, go with the flow, follow the signs, etc.

Often a combination of these two approaches is effective for most people.

The essences work in the second direction, clearing the path for the spirit to come to the personality.

The CD's work in the other direction. They are specifically designed meditative exercises created to move the personality towards the spirit.

There is a unique CD corresponding to each level of the essences.

The CD's are being developed by a combined effort from Klaus Wintersteller and Ben Risby-Jones. Klaus plays the energetic signature of each of the essences on the Didgeridoo. Ben provides the exercises and the voice for each of the CD's. 

There are also the sounds from nature in each of the tracks. These sounds were recorded through a 24 hour cycle at Gaia Retreat Centre by Klaus Wintersteller. Each of the corresponding essences and exercises relates to a different aspect of the human condition. Each of these aspects corresponds to a specific time in the day, each of the tracks relates to the sounds created by nature at these times.

How to use the CDs:

In the morning or the evening when you have intuitively selected the essence you are to take there will be a corresponding Meditation to do. 

The usage of these meditations will greatly enhance the benefit of the essences giving the participant a very thorough integration of these energetic signatures.

Download the German translation "Life Essences Meditationen CD 1"

Level 1 CD:

The first CD has unique exercises relating to the specific gifts each of the essences has to offer. As a participant becomes more familiar with each of the exercises they will become easier to master. The level 1 CD comes as a 2 CD set so that when the exercises have been mastered the music and the sounds of nature can be used to stimulate the exercises without needing the voice to guide you.

Level 2 CD:

The second CD has a two-fold effect. Firstly, it is giving the participants the opportunity to exercise their energetic discrimination, fine tuning their energetic sensitivity and getting to know their own chakras and bio-energetic field. The second effect is for participants to become a living bridge between Heaven and Earth. The energetic qualities of the Earth are drawn up into the heart as the energetic qualities of Heaven are drawn downwards. These energies of Heaven and Earth meet in the human heart.  We are the living link between these two forces, and the meditations in this CD offer this direct experience to the participant. Once these two energies have merged together we have then our own unique energy that we then contribute to the creation, connecting us with all of life.

CD's 3 to 7 are currently being made and will be shared soon.

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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