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Welcome to Life Essences

Activating Health and Spiritual Awakening

Life Essences are a spiritual tool of seven essences sourced from around the world and made by Ben Risby-Jones. Together these essences provide individuals with seven levels of 120-day intensive courses to self-mastery, helping people to deepen their sense of purpose and experience fulfillment in their lives. 

The Essences provide a favorable internal energetic environment to evolve an individual’s consciousness. Life Essences promote the development of an individual’s self-awareness of the seven fundamental aspects of the human condition. These seven aspects are represented individually in each of the essences yet collectively they are more than their parts.

Taking the essences, as your consciousness matures, you will search inside yourself for what is deeply important. As this aspect of your personal evolution takes place, living your soul purpose on this earth becomes the foundation that your life is built on.

As this foundation comes into focus you will find that things fall into place with grace and ease. For example, a struggle with life will be replaced by a calm acceptance of who you are and why you are here. Accepting that you are always manifesting your reality creates a profound sense of purpose in the choices you make.  When we really experience free will it is then that we are truly being human.

Life Essences work with the fabric of your life. Using the everyday experience to awaken the consciousness into the enlightenment process. It isn’t something that is learned from the outside, but rather something that awakens from within the participant. This awakening is who you are. Read what others have to say about what the essences have done in their lives in testimonials.

This experiential course to enlightenment starts very gently with Level One Essences. Then, you may move on to Level Two through to Level Seven where deeper aspects of self-awareness are cultivated. The different levels are explained on the Seven Levels of Life Essences page.

There is also now a practitioner range available to those who have completed the training, used in activating and aligning the chakras directly through a form of sacred energy massage called The Soul Purpose Session. Practitioners can be contacted via the Practitioner List for consultations.

Also, distributors may be contacted for purchase of essences in their country or you may purchase the essences from the Shop.

Please enjoy browsing the website and benefit from what you read. Contained within the course of the essences is the single most important thing I have found in this world. If you choose to partake in the essences, I commend you and I trust the essences will serve you well.

Enjoy the Journey,

Ben Risby-Jones

© Life Essences 2009 Ben Risby-Jones

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